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Spite Box is the home to projects (mainly comics) created by Joslyn Kanyer (Syp). Launched on June 18, 2015, the first comic (Interestingly Strange) wasn’t posted until July 1, 2015. Imran Riad helped launch Spite Box and has contributed to the site as well, particularly to Interestingly Strange and Cleg.

Here’s the Spite Box catalog.

Spite Box Comics
Interestingly Strange is a workplace comic about two employees at a grocery store.
WRD is a comedy comic about three friends who obtain a magical skull of unknown origin.
Cleg is a space comedy comic about the adventures of three alien spaceship pilots in a distant galaxy.
Brunette is a gag comic strip starring a fictional version of Joslyn.
The Suits is a supervillain action comic about a team of well dressed degenerates.
Moon Space is a space comic about a group of guards on a desolate moon.

Spite Box Video
Spite Box Shorts is a series of animatic shorts with no linear plot or structure.
Cleg: The Comic Dub is the official dub for the comic of the same name.
That’s True is a claymation series about two costumed friends just trying to hang out.