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Spite Box Lady. Creator of Interestingly Strange, WRD, Cleg, and Brunette.

Cleg Page 75

Cleg Page 75 published on

And that concludes the fourth episode of Cleg! (Crash Bandicoot 2 Commercial Voice) And boy are my arms tired! HAH!

The next episode will be the conclusion of this ongoing season of Cleg and will consist of 10 pages, which means it’ll be here sooner rather than later! In the meantime, I think I’m gonna switch gears and make the third episode of Interestingly Strange, which is also shorter with only 13 pages, but I’m undecided. I have a poll about my next potential comic here. After how big of a workload this was, I’m gonna be shifting focus onto smaller comics (starting with Moon Space technically, as noticed by its shorter page count). Anyway, thanks for reading!


By Joslyn Kanyer.