Name: Blaster Canon
Species: Galonian
Gender: Male
Note: The leader of the Cleg crew.

Cleg – Smelly Space

Cleg – Smelly Space published on

So this is a little space comic I wanted to make. Special thanks to Imran and Kage for giving me tips and pointers when it came to paneling, coloring, character names, and such. The main characters are aliens that look like humans but with different skin and eye colors, in a sort of parody of… Continue reading Cleg – Smelly Space

Cleg – Explosive Delivery

Cleg – Explosive Delivery published on

Here’s the cover art for the second episode of Cleg! I had a lot of fun planning this and the next one out! Cover by Joslyn Kanyer. Written and Illustrated by Joslyn Kanyer. Story by Joslyn Kanyer and Imran Riad. Farmer Phom designed by Imran Riad. Created by Joslyn Kanyer.