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Interestingly Strange #100

Interestingly Strange #100 published on

To be continued in…Newly Hired, Kinda Salty.

Well, at long last, I made it to 100 strips! Wow! Crazy how I’ve been making this same comic strip for over four years now, time flies when you keep at it I guess. With 100 being a nice, solid number, it’s only fitting I put the comic strip on an indefinite hiatus until further notice while I focus my efforts on what I’m calling Interestingly Strange Version 3 (where Newly Hired, Kinda Salty resides) and Cleg. Canonically, all these comic strips take place before Newly Hired, Kinda Salty, so now would be a good jumping on point to move over and see where these characters go next! Or don’t, I’m not your mom.

For now, that’s a wrap! Onto other projects.

By Joslyn Kanyer.