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Moon Space: Episode 1 – Guard Duty

Moon Space: Episode 1 – Guard Duty published on

Mike Denn introduces Andrea Royd to Athena Squad then takes Jermaine Lier and Ariel Wick on guard duty.


It’s here! The first episode of my new webcomic, Moon Space! I definitely didn’t make this while procrastinating on Cleg: Royal Thieves, haha! It’s about a group of guards on a desolate moon. More will be revealed as I make more episodes. Originally this project was called “Space Cadets” but I realized the characters aren’t really cadets LOL. The characters in this are very, very loosely based on the characters from my old machinima series Guard Duty, though their personalities are a little different and they have faces underneath their helmets in this rather than being faceless LMAO.

Anyway, here it is! The next one will be made sometime AFTER Cleg: Royal Thieves and Interestingly Strange: It Came From The Sewers. Very excited about this one! 😀

EDIT 8/17/20: Updated the title and cover art.


Cover by Joslyn Kanyer.
Written and Illustrated by Joslyn Kanyer.
Story by Joslyn Kanyer.
Created by Joslyn Kanyer.