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Moon Space: Episode 1 – Guards

Moon Space: Episode 1 – Guards published on

It’s here! The first episode of my new webcomic, Moon Space! I definitely didn’t make this while procrastinating on Cleg: Royal Thieves, haha! It’s about a group of guards on a desolate moon. More will be revealed as I make more episodes. Originally this project was called “Space Cadets” but I realized the characters aren’t really cadets LOL. The characters in this are very, very loosely based on the characters from my old machinima series Guard Duty, though their personalities are a little different and they have faces underneath their helmets in this rather than being faceless LMAO.

Anyway, here it is! The next one will be made sometime AFTER Cleg: Royal Thieves and Interestingly Strange: It Came From The Sewers. Very excited about this one! 😀


By Joslyn Kanyer.