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06 Media

06 Media

Welcome to the 06 Media page! This is the dedicated page for 06 Media, the predecessor of Spite Box! By predecessor to Spite Box, I basically mean that 06 Media was supposed to be what Spite Box is now but those plans were halted when the other two members of it left and thus, I rebranded it to Spite Box and shifted my focus to making webcomics. Also included are my old solo projects Misguided, Guard Duty, and The Other Ones, which were all made in-between 2011 and 2013. In 2017 I attempted a revival of 06 Media as it was (with new members) with a podcast and even planned to make new sketches but those plans never came to fruition. During the same time frame, I tried reviving The Other Ones and made most of its second season during 2017, but I lost motivation to finish it only to get back into it with two brand new episodes in 2019 to end the show properly. But since that was a one-off thing, I don’t really count it as a real comeback, so for now, 06 Media lives on as Spite Box.

Inside 06 Media

Episode 0


Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5


Video Logs

Video A
Video B
Video C
Video D


Episode 1: The Cloning Machine Part I
Episode 2: The Cloning Machine Part II
Episode 3: The Cloning Machine Part III
Episode 4: The Cloning Machine Part IIII

06 Media Shorts

Volume 1

New Year Party
The Mistake
An Egg Problem
A Light Bulb Problem
Cardboard Hero
Midnight Snack
Don’t Touch the Ceiling
Bathroom Break

Volume 2

Mixed Emotions
Dealing with Cyber Bullying
Surprise Flowers
Guards for Hire
Cardboard Thief
Stare Off
Restroom Break
Story Time
Rude Alarm
Toilet Problems
Alien News!


Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6

The Other Ones

Season 1

Episode 1: The Box
Episode 2: Who Wants a Box?
Episode 3: Angry Angry Pocksu
Episode 4: The Warning
Episode 5: The Crash
Episode 6: Inappropriate
Episode 7: The Video
Special: Outwards
Episode 8: New Mask
Episode 9: Nothing
Episode 10: The Sun

Season 2

Episode 11: Wake Up Copack!
Episode 12: Return of Mister Mister
Episode 13: The Bad Ones
Episode 14: Dramatic Exit
Episode 15: Meetings and Greetings
Episode 16: Sister Sister
Episode 17: Joe Versus Nocksu
Episode 18: Postmortem
Episode 19: The Red Menace Part 1
Episode 20: The Red Menace Part 2

The Lost Episodes

Episode 1: Scaring is Caring
Episode 2: The Prank
Episode 3: The Trip

Guard Duty

Season 1

Episode 1: Talking
Episode 2: Something
Episode 3: The Point
Episode 4: The Transfer
Episode 5: Infinity
Episode 6: Annoyances
Episode 7: Don’t Care
Episode 8: Bagels


Season 1

Episode 1: Wrong Way
Episode 2: Knocked Out
Episode 3: Inconveniences
Episode 4: Camera Catastrophe
Episode 5: Shop Block
Episode 6: Beginnings
Episode 7: The Button
Episode 8: Staring Contest
Episode 9: Where is Everyone?
Episode 10: Bonding
Episode 11: Pro Cooking
Episode 12: Problem Solvers
Episode 13: Under Budget
Episode 14: Sold


The Second Button
Phone Call