The CLEG crew gets rescued from dying in space.

CW: Strong Language

Introducing the sixth episode of CLEG! Was eager to get this one since it changes the status quo SLIGHTLY, specifically regarding our green boy’s name. I did the cover this time too!

Now I for sure don’t know what’s next for these guys, since I wrote this script ages ago before switching gears to Interestingly Strange (which I’m gonna resume working on soon). This is also the first script since Explosive Delivery that I actively collaborated with iDs on, who contributed some major beats as well as jokes to the script to make it just that much better.

Also also this is the first episode to feature some light swearing, get used to that LOL.

Also also Larn is now officially named LASER BEAM for the foreseeable future! Isn’t that great?

And as always, thanks for reading.

Cover by Syp
Written and Illustrated by Syp
Story by Syp and iDs
Created by Syp

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