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Interestingly Strange: It Came From The Sewers!

Interestingly Strange: It Came From The Sewers! published on

Something’s lurking in the unisex restroom, leading Claire and Anna to investigate.

Whoo! Interestingly Strange is BACK BAYBEE! Here is the third episode of Interestingly Strange Redux! Sorry for the long gap inbetween episodes, Cleg took up all of 2020 for me but I plan on making this the year of Interestingly Strange (and maybe a one-off on the side)! So get ready for more of these silly little characters in their haunted workplace!

This cover art was lovingly illustrated by Imran Riad, making his grand return to the site! He’ll also be joining me in writing for future comics, beginning with Cleg but perhaps some Interestingly Strange too? We’ll see!

Cover by Imran Riad.
Written and Illustrated by Joslyn Kanyer.
Story by Joslyn Kanyer.
Nicole created by Imran Riad.
Created by Joslyn Kanyer.