Six months after the closure of Store Box, its former employees find themselves in a new era of their lives.

Here it is! The penultimate episode of Interestingly Strange Redux! There’s one episode left, which will come out sometime this year, that focuses on Clint and Roxanne during the same time frame as this one. This is also the last episode that will be in the six panel format, and the first episode with my new subtitle-style dialogue. Lots of changes!

Something pretty cool I got to do with this one is collaborate with Jax Beetle on the final page, making this a three-way collaboration LOL. That makes them the first artist aside from iDs and I to contribute art for something other than a cover illustration, which is exciting! Hope to work with them more in the future. Follow them!

And last but certainly not least, this wonderful cover illustration was done by rrhaes! I wanted to reference this promotional photo from the Friends television show, mainly for my own amusement but also to see these goons in new outfits LOL.

Ans as always, thanks for reading.

UPDATE 7/31/22: Made the text more readable, as well as tweaked some dialogue.


Cover by rrhaes.
Written and Illustrated by Syp.
Additional Artwork by Jax Beetle.
Story by Syp.
Characters by Syp and iDs.
Created by Syp.

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