Welcome to the moon.


It’s here! It’s Moon Space! I definitely didn’t make this while procrastinating on CLEG: Royal Thieves, haha! It’s about a group of astronauts on a desolate moon. Originally this was gonna be a bigger project called “Space Cadets” but I realized the characters aren’t really cadets LOL. The color schemes for the characters in this are inspired by the characters from my machinima series Guard Duty, though I don’t imagine them being the same characters themselves.

Anyway, thanks for reading!

EDIT 8/17/20: Updated the title and cover art.

EDIT 11/16/20: I have decided to rework and retool this concept into a different bigger project and will be producing that in the distant future. Consider Moon Space to be a standalone one shot now, despite ending in a cliffhanger haha.


Cover by Syp.
Written and Illustrated by Syp.
Story by Syp.
Created by Syp.