Introducing…The Suits! This is a little side project I’m working on while I dedicate some extra time to Interestingly Strange’s The Night Shift episode. There will be 16 pages posted over the course of the next four weeks, with two pages going up on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so four pages per week. These characters were carried over from a cancelled project called Oddventure that I worked on with a former collaborator, but I changed the characters up significantly both design-wise and personality-wise since that project and he is no longer involved.

This is really me experimenting with doing colorless comics, which this is the first of on the site, because I wanna try making comics more consistently year-round rather than sporadically updating like I have been. So let’s hope I can stick to this schedule I set for myself without the burden of coloring!

Cover by Syp.
Written and Illustrated by Syp.
Story by Syp.
Created by Syp.

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The Suits