While on a volunteer mission to Pluto, the crew of Spark Plug One have an unfriendly encounter…


Woo! It’s finally here! Introducing GALAXY PALS, the first new story comic series in a LONG time. Very excited about this one, as it’s about my favorite things: space and women! I’ve been planning this series out for awhile, ironing out all the details and such. As of right now, I intend for this series to consist of six episodes, similar to CLEG, with this being the first. This is also a direct spinoff of CLEG, centering on what humans are up to in the distant future depicted in that comic, which is fun and exciting I think! I wanted that to be obvious with the ending of this episode, as the monster the astronauts face is the same monster the CLEG crew faced in its fifth episode. Fun times.

This episode’s cover art was wonderfully illustrated by rrhaes, who I’m very happy to collaborate with once again! He’s such a master of his craft it’s unreal, haha. He’s great. I also wanna give a shoutout to my friends Daks and Ebb for helping me decide the colors for Rez and Brit respectively, super helpful.

As for the next episode, no ETA yet but I’m currently writing it out. It’s gonna focus on the crew of Sparkplug Two, or Team Two as they’re referred to by Rez, who make up the other half of the main cast for this series. Since this series will be my primary story comic focus for the time being, I’m hoping it’ll be out sooner rather than later LOL. You can also read this comic on WEBTOON if that’s your preference!

That’s all for now. As always, thanks for reading. ^-^


Cover by rrhaes.
Written & Illustrated by Syp.
Story by Syp.
Created by Syp.