Guy, Bagger, and Claire work graveyard and get more than they signed up for…

CONTENT WARNINGS: Strong Language, Body Horror

FINALLY, AMIRITE? Yeah, it’s been a hot minute since I updated this (not nearly as long as the last hiatus though!) but! It’s here! A brand spanking new episode of Interestingly Strange! I’m really proud of this one, and it’s the first of which that really solidifies that this is for adults and not children LOL, which’ll be obvious when it’s read.

This cover artwork was beautifully illustrated by my good friend rrhaes, who you may recognize as having done the cover artworks for CLEG‘s third and fourth episodes!

And a very special thanks to placeholder4abn for acting as a beta reader for the near final script!

I’m currently working on the script for the next one, my goal is to have it out sometime after New Years. Maybe sooner if I can work myself up into a rhythm but for now let’s go with that.

Thanks for reading!

And no, the next episode’s title isn’t an Animal Crossing reference.

UPDATE 3/3/24: Artwork updated, particularly with ghost visuals.

Cover Illustration by rrhaes.
Written & Illustrated by Syp The Mighty.
Characters by Syp The Mighty and iDs5621.