In this short, Geff goes on a long tangent about getting HQ’s number.

Intro-Mind as Geff
Xanthe Folan as Nicole
Syp The Mighty as Miller / Ignacio

Improvised by Intro-Mind
Directed by Syp The Mighty
Music by Revoltge

When Intro-Mind recorded his lines as Geff for Episode 2, he improvised this entire tangent that Geff goes on about how Nicole scammed him and it was just too funny that I had to give it its own dedicated short. In the actual episode, linked below, you can only hear a smidge of this in the background of Ignacio and Randy’s discussion. Think of this as an alternate POV, since I reused footage and audio from that episode.

Also special shout out to Xanthe Folan, the voice of Nicole, who didn’t record any new audio for this short as I used an alternate take she had for the finale to Classic Season 2 instead. Mainly to save on time, since I didn’t wanna trouble her to record a single line LOL

With this short I’m establishing that Sides will retain Revoltge’s music while the main series will continue to be composed by Cole Vakassian. I just thought it’d be silly to give each series their own music teehee :3

Anyways, Episode 3 will be out on January 19th so keep an eye out for that!

– Syp

“Guard Duty” was created under Microsoft’s “Game Content Usage Rules” using assets from Halo 3 and Halo: The Master Chief Collection, © Microsoft Corporation.