Spite Box is the home to projects created by Syp. While technically launching on June 18, 2015, the first comic, Interestingly Strange, wasn’t posted until July 1, 2015. There have been a number of additional artists who have contributed to the site as well, listed here.

Team Spite Box
Syp is the creator of Spite Box. She is a cartoonist, video editor, and stop motion animator.

Spite Box Comics
Interestingly Strange is a workplace comic strip about two employees with opposing views towards their job.
Interestingly Strange Redux is a ghost comedy about two employees and their new manager at a haunted grocery store.
Cleg is a space comedy about the adventures of a crew of intergalactic smugglers in the distant future.
Tales From Outer Space is a space anthology taking place within the Cleg universe.
Micro Space is a space comic strip about the Cleg characters during the downtime between episodes.
Gerboni is a comic strip about a shark man and his family of wacky animals.
WRD was an adventure comedy about three friends who obtain a magical skull of unknown origin. Ended 2018.
Brunette was a comic strip about a familiar brunette. Shelved 2020.
Spite Box Pilots was a series of one-shot comics with no connection to one another. Shelved 2020.

Spite Box Videos
Spite Box Shorts is a multi-medium video sketch comedy series with no linear plot or structure.
Cleg is a video comic series based on the webcomic of the same name.