Welcome to Spite Box, the home to original webcomics by sypsart (SHE / HER). I make these comics for fun, so there’s no set release schedule or anything and it takes a lot of time for longer ones to come out.

Frequent Collaborators

Here’s the people I’ve worked with on my comics multiple times, all good friends of mine.

rrhaes (HE / HIM), a digital artist who has provided cover illustrations for CLEG (E3-4), Interestingly Strange (#90, 96, 103), and Galaxy Pals (E1-3).
ids5621 (HE / HIM), a digital artist who has contributed to CLEG (E1-2, E6-7, Micro Space #14-15) and Interestingly Strange (#16, 18, 27, 34, 87) as a guest writer-illustrator, character designer, story writer, and cover artist.
jaxbeetle (THEY / THEM), a digital artist who has contributed to CLEG (E5), Interestingly Strange (#96), and Galaxy Pals (E2-3) as a cover illustrator, guest illustrator, and story writer respectively.

Ongoing Comics

Galaxy Pals (2023—), a serialized science-fiction comedy webcomic centered on a crew of crystal miners who harvest crystals from the moons of other planets in the distant future.
CLEG (2017—), an episodic science-fiction comedy webcomic about a crew of loser smugglers in outer space. Micro Space consists of short comedy webcomics featuring the same characters.
Interestingly Strange (2015—), an episodic comedy webcomic about retail workers disgruntled with their jobs.

Completed Comics

WRD (2017—2018), a serialized adventure webcomic on a trio of friends who end up biting off more than they can chew when they’re introduced to a powerful skull of unknown origin.
Brunette (2018—2020), short comedy webcomics starring a cartoon version of Syp.
Tales From Outer Space (2020—2022), a science-fiction anthology webcomic based in the world of CLEG.
Being Gerboni (2021—2022), short comedy webcomics starring a family of animal people.