I’m Syp The Mighty (she/her), a creative Jill of all trades, but a master of none. Spite Box is the home to my original comics. While technically launching on June 18, 2015, the first comic page wasn’t posted until July 1, 2015. From 2017 to 2022, I attempted to branch Spite Box out into videos but I just couldn’t find anything that clicked.

Over the years I’ve also worked with talented guest artists on episode covers for my comic series Cleg and Interestingly Strange Redux, all of which are listed below.

Guest Artists
[iDs] (he/him), guest cartoonist for Interestingly Strange Deboot (#16, 18, 27, 34), additional character designer & co-story writer for Cleg (E1-2, 6), and a cover artist for Interestingly Strange Redux (E3).
sleeprelker (they/them), a cover artist for Interestingly Strange Redux (E1).
ueeyasu (she/her), a cover artist for Interestingly Strange Redux (E2).
rrhaes (he/him), a cover artist for Cleg (E3-4), Interestingly Strange Redux (E4-5), and Galaxy Pals (E1-2).
jaxbeetle (they/them), a cover artist for Cleg (E5) and an additional artist for Interestingly Strange Redux (E5).

And here’s a list of Spite Box works.

Ongoing Works
Interestingly Strange Deboot (2015—present), workplace comic strip.
Interestingly Strange Redux (2018—present), supernatural comic series.
Micro Space (2022—present), gag comic strip.

Upcoming Works
Galaxy Pals (TBD), science-fiction comic series.

Completed Works
Interestingly Strange Classic (2015), gag comic strip.
WRD V1 – The Clone Problem (2015), adventure comic.
WRD V2 – The Flower, The Skull, & The Rob (2015—2017), adventure comic.
WRD: The Stolen Skull (2017—2018), adventure comic series.
Cleg (2017—2021), science-fiction comic series.
Spite Box Shorts (2017—2021), sketch comedy video series.
Brunette (2018—2020), gag comic strip.
Cleg: The Series (2018—2022), science-fiction video comic series.
Moon Space (2020), science-fiction comic one shot.
Gerboni (2021), gag comic strip.
Tales From Outer Space (2021—2022), science-fiction anthology comic series.