Welcome to Spite Box Comics, the home to webcomics by Syp The Mighty (SHE / HER), with sypsart being her handle.

Spite Box creations are made out of passion, and thus are made in our free time so there’s no actual release pattern.

The Regulars

Basically the people behind Spite Box who’ve contributed multiple things to Spite Box creations, such as writing and illustrating rather than only one or the other.

Syp The Mighty / sypsart (SHE / HER), an artist and filmmaker that created and contributes to Interestingly Strange, WRD, CLEG, Brunette, Tales From Outer Space, Being Gerboni, Galaxy Pals, and Guard Duty as the writer, illustrator, director, editor, and occasionally musician. She has also voice acted in various videos and series since 2011, including June and other characters in Guard Duty.
JaxBeetle (THEY / THEM), an artist who has contributed to CLEG (E5), Interestingly Strange (#96), and Galaxy Pals (E2—present) as a cover illustrator, guest illustrator, and co-writer/co-artist respectively.
Revoltge (HE / HIM), a voice actor, writer, and musician who contributes to Guard Duty (2012—) as the co-writer and a composer. He also provides the voice of Emery and other characters in that series.
Primal (HE / HIM), an additional machinimator and voice actor for Guard Duty (2022—).
iDs5621 (HE / HIM), an artist and animator who has contributed to CLEG (E1—2, E6—7, Micro Space #14—15) and Interestingly Strange (#16, 18, 27, 34, 87) as a guest writer-illustrator, character designer, story writer, and cover artist. He has also voice acted in various videos and series since 2011, including Prim in Guard Duty.

Frequent Contributors

Others who have contributed to Spite Box creations multiple times within one specialty, such as illustrating.

rrhaes (HE / HIM), an artist who has provided cover illustrations for CLEG (E3—4), Interestingly Strange (#90, 96, 103), and Galaxy Pals (E1—3).
Cole Vakassian (HE / HIM), a musician who has contributed to the score of Guard Duty (2023—) beginning with its upcoming new first season.
Sephtic (HE / HIM), an animator who has provided renders for Guard Duty (2023) and an animated sequence for its upcoming Rat’s Nest (2023) spinoff miniseries.