Welcome to the moon.


It’s here! It’s Moon Guys! I definitely didn’t make this while procrastinating on CLEG: Royal Thieves, haha! It’s about a group of astronauts on a desolate moon. Originally this was gonna be a bigger project called “Space Cadets” but I realized the characters aren’t really cadets LOL

Anyway, thanks for reading!

EDIT 8/17/20: Updated the title and cover art.

EDIT 11/16/20: I have decided to rework and retool this concept into a different bigger project and will be producing that in the distant future. Consider Moon Space to be a standalone one shot now, despite ending in a cliffhanger haha.

EDIT 12/15/22: This has now been repurposed as part of Tales From Outer Space, placing it neatly in the same world as CLEG, which leaves the door open for these characters to return in the future. Plus it gives a little insight into what humans are up to in this universe, which will be further explored in my upcoming comic Galaxy Pals.

EDIT 1/12/24: Colors changed from the Guard Duty-inspired colors to all silver. Space backgrounds changed to match that of Galaxy Pals.


Written & Illustrated by Syp The Mighty.