That’s right! Brand new episode of Tales From Outer Space, finally! Similar to the previous episode, this one is another reimagining of an older project of mine called “The Other Ones,” a puppet show where I waved around my toys in front of the camera and made them say funny things LOL. Obviously this is a very different premise, but the core personalities of the main four characters are still intact I think.

I mainly made this as a personal celebration of the tenth anniversary of The Other Ones, crazy how time flies! Like before, there’s few nods and such to the main Cleg comic, but this is mostly setting up a potential plotline I wanna follow up on in it (👀👀👀). Originally Imran was going to do the cover, but it’s my fault that didn’t happen (waited too long to ask him), so I did a different take than initially intended XD. At least it gets the point across!

And as usual, thanks for reading. Until next time!


Cover by Syp.
Written and Illustrated by Syp.
Story by Syp.
Created by Syp.